Monday, May 28, 2012

 I did this poster in 8 1/2 x 11 format in my studio,  then had costco print in up as a 16x20 for less than $5.00 and it was done in a hour.  You can't beat that.
Is your memorial weekend been as crazy as ours.  The funny this is I feel we haven't really accomplished a whole lot.  Oh well at least we are having fun, right?  I wanted to show you a fun poster we made for #1's market day at school.  The whole grade made/bought/brought things to sell with there fake money they had been earning, #1 worked so hard on all the things she made to sell so I wanted to make a poster that would show off all the great things she did.  The digital studio has really made my life a lot easier when it comes to projects like this.  If your are interested in getting the digital studio click here
I can't believe we are into summer break!  The kids are excited to be able to sleep in a little and I am excited to get into some kind of morning routine that involves them cleaning. It should be a great summer. Tomorrow is the husbands birthday, I gave him his present a little early being we are putting in a salon and craft room.  I thought he could use it before tomorrow.  We got him a saw to help with all these great projects that are happening.  He is excited that he does not have to borrow our neighbors anymore.  Here are a few pics of what are salon looks like right now.  We have a long way but it is going to be sooo worth it.  The craft room pics will follow shortly.
This is where my sink, dryer will be

Notice the saw.  Boys will always be boys. We are going to be putting a wall in the door way you see (red carpet room door) and this will be where my waiting area/couch will be.

Under the stairs is where we will put the kids area.  I am so excited for this area it is going to be sooo cute.
And the bathroom.  We had to pipe in for the sink, hence the big hold in the ground.  Can't wait to tear out the vanity and put new tile down.   So now you have seen half of the salon, what do you think?  We will be doing as much of this ourselfs so we will have lots of DIY pictures, so we can all be in this together.  Hope you enjoy the process has much as  I do.   

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  1. I love all the changes your making! The salon is going to look amazing!!!